The Trials of Muhammad Ali DVD

The Trials of Muhammad Ali DVD


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The Trials of Muhammad Ali covers the explosive crossroads of Ali’s life. When Cassius Clay becomes Muhammad Ali, his conversion to Islam and refusal to serve in the Vietnam War leave him banned from boxing and facing a five-year prison sentence. Ali’s choice of belief and conscience over fame and fortune resonates far beyond the boxing ring, striking issues of race, faith and identity that continue to confront us all today.

"Richly textured and exhaustively researched...fresh clips and new voices that make Ali come alive... a gift."
— Sports Illustrated

"Complex and involving... gripping."
— Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"Magnificently concise... makes you feel [Ali's] radicalism all over again."
— Wesley Morris, Grantland

"May very well be the best sports documentary so far this decade. Carries within each frame a sense of vitality and power that is rarely seen in a documentary of this ilk... Sports fans take notice, your favorite film of the year may have just arrived."
— Joshua Brunsting, Criterioncast

"Stirring... fascinating... inspiring."
— Dennis Harvey, Variety

"Bill Siegel’s audacious documentary puts new heat and focus on what an extraordinary figure Muhammad Ali was outside the boxing ring. No film has probed this deeply into the fallout from his name change or his complex bond with Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam. And the saga of Ali’s refusal to be drafted during Vietnam becomes a profile in courage — a tale of shocking vilification and faith lost and found. A-"
— Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

"With the freshness and urgency of unexplored history, Siegel’s film allows us to set aside the goggles through which we view Muhammad Ali today... sheds fascinating new light on one of the most elusive and complicated public figures of the 20th century. Anyone who wants to understand what happened to America during those turbulent years needs to see this film."
— Andrew O'Hehir, Salon

"A wholly illuminating look at Muhammad Ali in all his complexity, providing a surprisingly fresh and vivid portrait of a man who played rope-a-dope with history, religion and sport and emerged from the ring as an inspiring, and flawed icon."
— Kevin Jagernauth, The Playlist (IndieWIRE)

"The best Muhammad Ali doc I've ever seen and - dare I say - I've seen 'em all."
— Dave Zirin, The Nation.