WTTW to Broadcast Prisoner of Her Past, All the Queen's Horses in April

WTTW-Ch.11 presents the 10th annual broadcast of Prisoner of Her Past on April 19, in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Directed by Gordon Quinn, Prisoner of Her Past tells the haunting story of a secret childhood trauma resurfacing, sixty years later, to unravel the life of Holocaust survivor Sonia Reich. The film follows her son, Chicago Tribune jazz critic Howard Reich, as he journeys across the United States and Eastern Europe to uncover why his mother believes the world is conspiring to kill her.

Read Howard's reflections on his mother's 89th birthday in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic

Kelly Richmond Pope's investigation into the largest municipal fraud in American history, All the Queen's Horses, will air on WTWW-Ch.11 on April 30 at 9:00pm. The film examines the story of Rita Crundwell, city comptroller of Dixon, IL who stole $53 million of public funds across 20 years to build one of the nation's leading quarter horse breeding empires, all while forcing staff cuts, police budget slashing, and neglect of public infrastructure. Watch an interview with the director and the lawyer who filed a civil suit on behalf of the town of Dixon.