Update on Gordon Quinn’s health

Below is an edited version of a statement sent by our Executive Director Jolene Pinder to Kartemquin filmmakers and alumni yesterday, March 19th.

We kindly ask that you adhere to its guidelines for communication and privacy:

Dear KTQ Community—

I know these are tumultuous times for you all but I felt compelled to share some difficult news about Gordon Quinn's health that we just learned yesterday.

After returning from the Australian International Documentary Conference on March 8th, Gordon had been ill, and yesterday he was diagnosed with COVID-19. He's currently in the ICU and we're very grateful that he has early access to the quality care he truly needs right now. In between returning from Australia and going to hospital on Wednesday night, he had already been isolating at home and had only interacted in person with his wife, Meg, and medical professionals.

Tim Horsburgh + I both spoke with Gordon just yesterday before his diagnosis; his voice was strong and his fever had abated. He was eager to secure a charger for his phone (we got to work on that!). Today, we did learn that he has been put on a respirator. His team of doctors are monitoring his health very closely. We have been in regular communication with Meg who is now isolating at home, and are working to ensure that they both have the support they need during this challenging time.

COVID-19 is changing our lives in so many unimaginable ways literally minute-to-minute. I know the news that someone in our community is directly impacted is not easy to absorb. Gordon is such a beloved member of this documentary family whose insight and wisdom has helped shape countless stories + so many filmmakers.

In partnership with Meg, early KTQ collective member Jenny Rohrer has set up a Caringbridge page where people can send messages of support, and where she will post messages with the most up-to-date information on Gordon’s condition.

If we can’t physically be in the house that Gordon “built,” we can at least continue to honor that he has brought us together and inspired so many of us to produce our best work.

At this time, we ask that you please direct your thoughts and messaging to these platforms, rather than anywhere else, including the hospital, Meg and KTQ staff, filmmakers, and film participants. Should you be contacted by a member of the press, please direct their inquiries to info@kartemquin.com.

Gordon is incredibly resilient and has risen to many health challenges time + time again. I hope you all will channel healing thoughts his way. With all the collective support he has extended throughout the KTQ community over time, now is a moment for us to send that back to him — through the ether — manifold.

Stay well + take care,




Update: With the media attention and outpouring of love for Gordon, we welcome you posting on social media. Especially if you are wearing #whitesocksforGordon as a show of support.

Gordon’s wife Meg is healthy at home and wanted us to relay her gratitude to all of you for the extraordinary outpouring of love and support for them both this week. The tributes and messages here are a testament to The Mighty Quinn’s powerful impact on decades of filmmakers and our collective work to realize a better, more just world. Gordon’s ongoing legacy is more poignant and critical now more than ever. Some of you have asked about financial support for Gordon’s medical and other needs at the present moment. Meg has responded and asked those that are able and feel moved to offer support consider making a donation in Gordon’s honor to Kartemquin Films. Gordon has invested his life’s work in the KTQ community and your support will help us to keep supporting the vibrant community he has cultivated while Gordon receives the rest and care he needs to rejoin us in the mission. Please make a donation to support Kartemquin at this time.