Unbroken Glass has first Chicago theatrical run at Siskel Film Center Feb. 17-23!

Unbroken Glass, the debut feature from director Dinesh Das Sabu comes to the Gene Siskel Film Center at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from Friday, February 17-23 for its first theatrical run. Tickets available HERE.

When he was six years old, filmmaker Dinesh Das Sabu’s parents died. Raised by his older siblings, he had little idea who his parents were or where he came from. Through making Unbroken Glass, Dinesh begins a journey to finally piece together their story and his own, twenty years after their deaths. In the process, Dinesh uncovers a silenced family history of mental illness, confronts the legacy of having a schizophrenic mother who died by suicide and, together with his siblings, reconciles the trauma of loss and the specter of mental illness.

Dinesh, a graduate of the University of Chicago, completed an internship at Kartemquin in 2008, when he first began developing the project. At the opening night screening on Friday, February 17 at 8:15pm, Dinesh will be joined by Kartemquin founder and Artistic Director Gordon Quinn, Chicago Women’s Health Center board member Sangeetha Ravichandran, and Howard Reich, the Chicago Tribune’s arts critic and producer-writer of Kartemquin Films’ Prisoner of her Past (2008), his own story of revisiting a past family trauma.

Screenings throughout the week are co-presented by several groups, including the Indo-American Heritage Museum, Apna Ghar, the Eye on India Festival, the Independent Filmmaker Project Chicago (IFP Chicago), and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Chicago.

Full Unbroken Glass screening details:

    February 17, 8:15pm - Q&A with Dinesh Das Sabu, Gordon Quinn and Sangeetha Ravichandran. Moderated by Howard Reich. Co-hosted by Kartemquin Films.

  • February 18, 3:30pm - Q&A with Dinesh Das Sabu. Co-hosted by Indo-American Heritage Museum.
  • February 19, 5:30pm - Q&A with Dinesh Das Sabu and R. Patrick Lile.
  • February 20, 8:30pm - Q&A with Dinesh Das Sabu. Co-hosted by National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Chicago.
  • February 21, 6pm - Q&A with Dinesh Das Sabu. Co-hosted by Apna Ghar.
  • February 22, 8:15pm - Q&A with Dinesh Das Sabu, IFP Chicago Executive Director Nicole Bernardi-Reis, Editor Matt Lauterbach and Kartemquin Director of Editing Leslie Simmer. Co-hosted by IFP Chicago.
  • February 23, 8:15pm - Q&A with Dinesh Das Sabu. Co-hosted by Eye on India Festival.
  • Director’s Statement:
    “As a kid I would look in the mirror and see this brown kid staring back at me. Growing up in Louisiana in the 1990s, the kids at school would ask me what I was, where I came from. I would mutter something about India and change the subject. Questions about who my parents were nagged me throughout my adolescence and into adulthood. Without that story–such a fundamental part of a young person’s identity–I felt incomplete in some profound yet unknown way.

    I started this project convinced that my parents shouldn’t be defined by their deaths and suffering, but it took the journey of making the film to realize how much of my own life was defined by those very things. I didn’t realize it consciously at the time, but making UNBROKEN GLASS was my way of forcing myself to deal with the traumatic events that followed me into adulthood. It was my way of finding peace and making sense out of my parents’ story.” – Dinesh Das Sabu.

    For tickets and full details, click here.