Truth, lies and personal revelations in making a first documentary

"There was and is a real moment of worry that after I make this film, what of myself will be left? What more can I hope to do, now that this story, so essential to my identity is given to the public?" Kartemquin filmmaker Dinesh Sabu is making his debut film, Unbroken Glass. A personal story about the parents he lost as a young child, immigration, and mental illness, Dinesh has been actively working on the film since he was 22. In a new blog, "Some Thoughts on Making the Doc So Far," Dinesh muses (with a little help from Jonathan Franzen) on how difficult the process of opening up his family's past and his own identity has been, and how after many years, and with the help of key collaborators, he is finally comfortable with his role in the story. It's a must read for any first-time filmmaker, especially one making a film about their own life. Dinesh is hoping to complete Unbroken Glass for release in late 2014. You can support the project here.