True/False to Host Full Series Premiere of City So Real

Steve James’ latest project City So Real will have its full series premiere at the 2020 True/False Festival in March. See the full line-up of True/False selections.

James, producer Zak Piper and their collaborators at Kartemquin and Participant Media present a mosaic portrait of Chicago and its citizens, captured at a crucial juncture in the city's history: the 2019 mayoral election campaign and the Laquan McDonald trial. The first two episodes of City So Real premiered in the Indie Episodic Program at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival in January to high praise

“I think having lived in Chicagoland for 35 plus years now and having done a number of films centered here, I've always been struck by the vibrancy of the city and its toughness,” James said in an interview last October. “Its tenderness too. [In previous films] I've always been interested in the people at the center of all the stories. This is a different film in that regard, because we're not following a couple of individuals over the course of the project in the way that a lot of the films I've done have, but I still feel like people's voices and aspirations and hopes are at the center of this series.” 

True/False Film Festival will take place March 5-8 in Columbia, Missouri. Get tickets here.