The Trials of Muhammad Ali wins FOCAL International Award

The Trials of Muhammad Ali has won for Best Use of Sports Footage at the FOCAL International Awards. The FOCAL (Federation of Commercial Audio Visual Libraries) International awards are "the leading and most complete set of awards for the archive footage business in the world today." The 11th annual awards ceremony took place in London on April 30th 2014. One of our licensers of footage for the film, Massimo Moretti of Studiocanal Films (who licensed us the celebrated Eamonn Andrews Show clip that opens the film) accepted the award on our behalf this evening. In our submission to the awards, we wrote: "Ali's boxing matches bear political and cultural significance, paralleling his fights outside the ring. Physically and verbally, Ali fights back, defending his religion and name change. To punctuate importance of these moments, we layer commentary by figures like Malcolm X, who references "historic things taking place ... not a heavyweight championship fight physically, there was more to it." For footage quality and accuracy, we pursued primary sources, many times forgoing talking heads for archival footage that showed, not told. In general, we undertook an exhaustive archival footage search, uncovering gems that oftentimes had not been seen in more than 50 years." Producer Rachel Pikelny, Director Bill Siegel and Editor Aaron Wickenden are very proud of the extensive archival research done for The Trials of Muhammad Ali and its presentation in the film, which has already been awarded with the International Documentary Association 2013 ABC News Video Source award. The Trials of Muhammad Ali is now available to purchase on DVD from