The Interrupters wins Malott Prize for Recording Community Activism

We are proud to announce that The Langum Charitable Trust has awarded The Interrupters with Malott Prize for Recording Community Activism for 2011-2012. The bi-annual Malott Prize is awarded to the best book, article, or film that depicts an individual or small group of people striving to make a significant improvement or prevent a significant harm in their local community. The Langum Charitable Trust determined to award this year's prize to both The Interrupters and author Jay Erskine Leutze for his book Stand Up that Mountain: The Battle to Save One Small Community in the Wilderness Along the Appalachian Trail. In awarding the prize, The Langum Charitable Trust praised the film for its close focus on violence interrupters Ameena Matthews, Eddie Bocanegra and Cobe Williams, writing that "the strength of the film is that the viewer is shown detail about these very personable protagonists. We meet their families, and learn of their own backgrounds and what it was that turned their lives from violence. Then we see their actual work with disaffected youth who seem primed for shooting someone or other anti-social activity. We see many successes and a few failures. But the interrupters themselves stay upbeat and focused on their work. The viewer wants very much for them to succeed." The Interrupters is available to watch now or on DVD and Blu-Ray.