The Creative Proposition gets local PBS broadcast

The Creative Proposition, a new Kartemquin film about the importance of art in the university, is going to be broadcast by WCVE PBS Richmond and WHTJ Charlottesville PBS on June 16th at 6:30pm and again on June 30th at 5:30pm.

The film tells the story of how in 2008, Bill T. Jones and company came to the University of Virginia to create a major collaborative dance work, titled 100 Migrations, that involved the school and surrounding community creating a site-specific work based upon the question: "Had Abraham Lincoln lived, what would we be like today?" The initial project then evolved into a multi-year, university-wide residency dedicated to the proposition that the Arts play a crucial role in the life of the mind.

Originally produced alongside our feature length PBS American masters documentary A Good Man, which covered Jones' for two years as he and his company created a dance-theatre performance about the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, The Creative Proposition has been adapted into its own stand alone project, commissioned by the University of Virginia, which we hope will be used by multiple universities and education policy-makers to facilitate discussion on the role of the arts in higher education.

The film was made by director Gordon Quinn, producer Rachel Pikelny and editor David E. Simpson, who were all part of the original team on A Good Man, and includes interviews with Bill T. Jones as well as UVA faculty members including Elizabeth Turner, Vice Provost for the Arts; George Sampson, Lecturer in Arts Administration; and Lindsey Hepler, Arts in Action Coordinator and a student/performer during 100 Migrations.

The short film, as well as all of the original material and an edited version of the 100 Migrations live performance will be archived at UVA and will be available to students and faculty as a learning tool.