Stranded by the State - Episode 2/ At-Risk Youth premieres today

The second episode of Stranded by the State, entitled "At-Risk Youth" premieres today. A collaboration between In These Times and Kartemquin Films. the series is directed, edited and produced by Kartemquin associate Liz Kaar and explores the human impact of Illinois' budget crisis.

Episode 2: At-Risk Youth
Episode 2 of the series examines the effects of the budget crisis on Illinois youth services, including Comprehensive Community Based Youth Services (CCBYS) and the non-profit Youth Crossroads. We meet Jackie Wallen, a counselor with Youth Crossroads, who recently underwent a 50% pay decrease due to the budget crisis, as well as Kentrell, a young man who would have been placed in a mental hospital had it not been for Youth Crossroads' services. It's a sobering look at the cost of the budget crisis both monetarily to the state–the funding of preventative counseling services which are being cut is the least expensive option for providing services to at-risk youth–as well as the cost to Illinois youth themselves.

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