Saving Mes Aynak continues winning accolades and raising awareness worldwide

Director Brent Huffman's film Saving Mes Aynak has continued to garner accolades during its extremely successful festival run. The film recently won the Silver Plaque at the 2016 Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards, distinguishing Saving Mes Aynak's achievements in addressing the arts and humanities in documentary filmmaking. The film also won the Special Jury Mention at the Master of Art Film Festival in Bulgaria. In addition to the various honors the film has earned, Saving Mes Aynak has also continued to raise awareness around the imminent demolition of the 5,000 year old archaeological site by a Chinese-state owned mining company. The Saving Mes Aynak Campaign has raised over $10,000 dollars to the archaeologists risking their lives to excavate Mes Aynak. The Saving Mes Aynak team has partnered with the Kabul-based NGO Afghans4Tomorrow to coordinate the delivery of the crowd-sourced funds. On April 16th, Saving Mes Aynak screened to a sold out audience at the San Francisco Green Film Festival. The composer of the film, Homayoun Sahki and director Brent Huffman received a warm welcome from the crowd following the screening. The following Tuesday, however, troubling news came from Afghanistan. A Taliban attack on Kabul left at least 28 dead and over 320 injured. From what information director Huffman could gather regarding the attacks, none of the archaeologists and those involved in the film are reported to have been impacted by the assault. Currently, only a skeleton crew is working in Mes Aynak, and there have been continued reports and rumors of looting of the site. Contributing to the instability surrounding the archaeological efforts in Mes Aynak, Afghanistan's Minister of Mines was fired due to corruption in the mining industry. To learn how to contribute to protecting Mes Aynak, including ways to donate or how to host a screening of the film, visit Find information on upcoming screenings of the film here.