Rolling Stone: Hoop Dreams is the Best Sports Movie of All Time

In a new ranking of the 30 Best Sports Movies of All Time, Rolling Stone gave the number 1 position to our classic 1994 documentary Hoop Dreams.

Tim Grierson writes: "Initially inspired by its makers' shared obsession with basketball, this story of inner-city dreams started as an idea for a 30-minute nonfiction short about playground hoopsters. It then evolved into a three-hour odyssey about high school kids William Gates and Arthur Agee as they try to make their way to the NBA. A landmark American documentary, this compassionate labor of love from filmmakers Steve James, Peter Gilbert and Frederick Marx has plenty of on-court action and suspense. (It's possible no single free throw has ever been so nerve-wracking in the history of cinema.) But Hoop Dreams is even more powerful as a look at poverty, racial inequality and adolescence — the agonies of everyday life that sports only occasionally help us forget." See the full list.

Hoop Dreams is currently available to watch on multiple VOD platforms and to purchase on Blu-Ray and DVD.