Raising Bertie Feels the Love at Good Pitch

#TeamBertie is wrapping up a crazy, emotional, wonderful week after participating in this year's Good Pitch Chicago. The event, which was held this part Tuesday in Pilsen's historic Thalia Hall, raised over $350,000 for the six projects that participated.

Raising Bertie came away from the event with a Ford Foundation Grant of $50,000, as well as over $10,000 in additional grants from Impact Partners and private donors and support from all the members of their roundtable with offers to host screenings, make White House connections, brain trusts, and fundraisers. Additional highlights of the day included donation of all educational materials, and individuals donating story consulting and impact strategy consulting.

Says producer Ian Kibbe, "Good Pitch was one of the greatest experiences of my my life. From the workshops to the event itself. Right now it's all a bit of a blur. It's overwhelming how supportive this community is. We're so grateful to all the people who put this together and who showed us love. We definitely feeling pumped to finish strong."

The event was held in a roundtable format, featuring these participants:
Brad Mitchell, Battelle For Kids
James Cunningham, Chicago HUD
Abby Witt, Organizing for Action
Armeer Kenchen, Self-Help Credit Union
Fran Sterling, Founder, Sterling Education Team
Sequane Lawrence, Fathers, Families and Healthy Communities
Lauren Pabst, MacArthur
Anton Seals, DePaul University
Joseph Tovares, CPB