On Beauty Announces Fall Education Initiatives

Following a successful summer of events, On Beauty has announced several new educational initiatives. The film, directed by Joanna Rudnick, challenges us to rethink the way we see differences and norms while also redefining beauty. On Beauty’s distribution partner, Women Make Movies, will assist in creating educational DVDs for schools and other institutions to screen. Not only will this bring the film to students across the country, but also serve as a perfect pair with the film’s other educational materials. DVDs will be completed by early 2016. You can pre-order here. The film will also take part in a large anti-bullying assembly event on December 4, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA. 2,000 students will gather at Compton High School for an event filled with music, discussion, and clips from On Beauty. The event host, Urban Entertainment Group, will partner with Cisco Systems to allow a school from every state to participate live through video conference. Additionally, the award-winning short continues screening at special events and festivals around the world. Photographer Rick Guidotti, one of the film’s stars, will make an appearance at a panel discussion and screening event on October 16 at NYU’s School of Dentistry. That same day, the film will also screen at middle and high schools in Ridgewood, NJ, the setting of the film’s last scene, as part of the annual ACCESS Ridgewood event. On October 19, the film will be screened in the North Seattle College’s Film Series, an annual program aimed to increase awareness of visibility of historically underrepresented stories. On Beauty continues to work with ReelAbilities until the festival opening on October 22 in Pittsburgh. The film closes out October with dual screenings on October 29: at an arts and healthcare journal club at the University of Calgary and the Greenville Medical Society and Alliance. Learn more about the film here or on their webpage.