New poster for Life Itself

"He embraced life. He embraced it when he was an only child growing up in Champaign. He embraced it when he got to the University of Illinois and became the editor of the newspaper. He embraced it when he first moved to Chicago and was living the life of a hard-drinking reporter. At every stage of his life, it was an adventure for him. He loved life. I think it’s why ultimately he titled his memoir Life Itself. He didn’t title it Movies Themselves or My Life in Movies. He titled it Life Itself because of the way in which he lived his life." - Steve James on Roger Ebert.

In an exclusive to Entertainment Weekly, Magnolia Pictures have unveiled the new poster for Life Itself, to accompany the film's release in theaters and on video on demand on July 4th.

The film screens next Monday, May 19th at Cannes Film Festival, with director Steve James, producer Zak Piper, and Chaz Ebert attending. The Hollywood Reporter announced yesterday that Steve James and Chaz Ebert will also be in conversation with the film programmer Thom Powers at Cannes' American Pavilion at 11am on May 21st.

After Cannes, Life Itself screens at Sheffield Doc/Fest, Documentary Edge, Sydney Film Festival, and Nantucket Film Festival. More dates to be confirmed soon. You can follow the film on Facebook and Twitter.