Minding the Gap earns Sundance Institute Documentary Fund grant

Minding the Gap by director Bing Liu and producer Diane Moy Quon has just been announced as a recipient of the Sundance Institute's prestigious Documentary Fund grant. Minding the Gap is a journey into the post-industrial heartland of the American midwest with a filmmaker and two of his skateboarding friends. Together they navigate intergenerational abuse and battle a downward economic spiral as they transition from childhood to manhood. The announcement follows the film's selection for the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival's 2017 Garrett Scott Grant as well as being chosen as Film Independent 2017 Documentary Lab Fellows. The filmmaking team was also selected to participate in Film Independent's 14th annual Fast Track program, taking place at the LA Film Festival June 19-22 in Culver City. A diverse range of projects and artists on the frontlines of nonfiction storytelling received nearly $2 million in grants from Sundance Institute, furthering their work across a broad array of subjects and forms. Works originate in 26 countries and six continents, and teams include Academy Award© nominees (Julia Reichert, Steven Bognar, Richard Rowley, Jon Else and David France), and first-time feature filmmakers (Cody Lucich, Sushmit Ghosh, Rintu Thomas, Nadia Shihab, Bing Liu, T Cooper, Sandi Tan, Hana Mire, Jon Kasbe, Jonathan Bogarín and Elan Bogarín). The Fund celebrates both tried-and-true and new areas of focus in this granting period, with projects selected as part of an ongoing rolling call over the past year. “The artists and projects selected in this round of funding are at the forefront of bold, innovative and impactful nonfiction storytelling,” said Tabitha Jackson, Director of the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program. “At this critical time for the role of the fearless independent voice, we hope that this granting and ongoing creative support will be catalytic in ensuring that the work of these dedicated artists will be made and seen.” The projects have been funded at various stages, including 16 in development, 16 in production, 21 in post-production and five for Audience Engagement, designed to develop a project’s marketing, publicity, and distribution campaigns. To stay up to date with the progress of Minding the Gap, follow Bing and the film on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.