Life Itself praised as best documentary of 2014, and an awards contender

The great critical and audience acclaim for Steve James' Life Itself has recently seen the film listed by IndieWIRE critics as #1 on their list of the best documentaries of 2014 so far, and by awards season prognosticators as a potential "frontrunner." We also continue to enjoy reading responses to the film from viewers around the world on social media as the film plays in theaters and festivals. Those in the USA and Canada can see Life Itself in select theaters nationwide, and on iTunes. The film will be released in the UK on November 14, and has a preview screening at the Dogwoof Weekender on Friday September 26th ahead of the release. Upcoming international festival dates include the Irish Film Institute's Stranger Than Fiction Documentary Film Festival. Check out the following articles for a mix of awards season predictions and heartfelt reactions to the film: We are honored and pleased by the enthusiasm for our work, though based on past experiences, we know that predictions can mean little. We're just glad the film is getting a thumbs up.