#KTQ50: Watch Vietnam, Long Time Coming for free all week

From today until next Friday, June 3rd, the free KTQ50 films are Vietnam, Long Time Coming (1998).

"Vietnam: Long Time Coming registers as a heroic and essential piece of filmmaking that will surely be cherished in years to come."
— Jonathan Rosembaum, Chicago Reader

We are honored to release this film for streaming this week of Memorial Day Weekend. In 1998, World T.E.A.M. Sports (The Exceptional Athlete Matters) organized a 16-day, 1,200 mile bicycle ride through once war-torn Vietnam. Able-bodied and disabled veterans, from the U.S. and Vietnam, travel across a landscape where they once killed to stay alive. The former enemies ride as one team, joined by well-known rider Greg LaMonde and Senator John Kerry, in an emotional journey of peace, reconciliation, and athletic achievement. The biggest handicaps turn out to be the ghosts of the past, with their nagging reminders of conflict, injury, and loss.

Extras included in this package:

BONUS STILLS Behind-the-scenes stills of on location production shoots in Vietnam.

Available for Purchase on DVD:

Vietnam, Long Time Coming is available on DVD here.