#KTQ50: Watch Typeface for free all week

From today until Friday, August 12th, the free KTQ50 film is Typeface (2009). "A documentary has done its job when it inspires the viewer to take action. Typeface, a look at a printmaking shop in Two Rivers, WI, is a documentary that has not only begun to revitalize a tradition that is endangered, but has inspired similar films." — Jason Behrends, ChicagoNow.com Debuting in 2009 as the opening event at Typecon and playing to rave reviews at film festivals and major design and art museums across the world, Typeface depicts the story of a museum in a little town in Wisconsin where a small group of people are not only trying to preserve the history of letterpress and wood block printing, but also are trying to revitalize it for a new millennium and a new generation. In a time when people can carry computers in their pockets and watch TV while walking down the street, Typeface explores the twilight of an analog craft that is freshly inspiring artists in a digital age. The Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, WI personifies cultural preservation, rural re-birth and the lineage of American graphic design. Over the past seven years, Typeface has brought together design, craft and film communities from all over the world in celebration of a beautiful but threatened art form. Viewers hosted special events where they made their own letterpress posters and hosted printing workshops. As a direct result, The Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum has flourished with an increase in visitors, sales, and donations, and even inspired Target to launch a line of clothing inspired by the vast collection of vintage wood type at the museum. So what are you waiting for? Grab your art supplies and get ready to be inspired! You have from now through August 12th to watch Typeface for free, courtesy of #KTQ50. Typeface is available on DVD here. See the full #KTQ50 streaming schedule and more information at www.kartemquin.com/ktq50.