#KTQ50: Watch Trick Bag for free all week

In 2016, several organizations in Chicago and around the country will host a series of screenings and events to celebrate Kartemquin’s 50th anniversary. We also invite you to watch all our films for free, week by week, at http://watch.kartemquin.com.

From today until next Friday, February 19th, the free KTQ50 film is Trick Bag.

The film takes us into the Collective era: a period from 1970-78 when Kartemquin's Gordon Quinn and Jerry Blumenthal added multiple members to the organization with the goal of collaboratively producing activist films. Members included Suzanne Davenport, Jenny Rohrer, Judy Hoffman, Teena Webb, Betsy Martens, Sharon Karp, Peter Kuttner, Richard Schmeichen, and Alphonse Blumenthal.

Trick Bag presents gang members, Vietnam vets, and young factory workers from Chicago's neighborhoods telling their personal experience with racism: who gets hurt, and who profits. The project grew out of Peter Kuttner's association with Rising Up Angry, a radical working-class organization, many of whose members are featured in the film.

Extras included in this package:
- Audio Interview: Kartemquin Collective member, Peter Kuttner, and Director of Communications and Distribution, Tim Horsburgh, sat down in the storefront at 1901 W Wellington to talk KTQ history and filmmaking.
- Festival Certificates: Trick Bag traveled to Germany's Leipzig International Documentary Film Festival, earned the Chicago International Film Festival "Merit Award", and participated in the Los Angeles' Filmmex Festival.

See the full #KTQ50 streaming schedule and more information at www.kartemquin.com/ktq50.

Highlights of our 50th anniversary year will include:

  • A Milestones gala event on June 24, 2016 at the Harris Theater, preceded by a dinner reception at the Chicago Cultural Center. This evening will reunite and celebrate many of our filmmakers, subjects, and partners from across five decades. The Honorary Chair is Chaz Ebert. Contact Mo@kartemquin.com for tickets and sponsorship details.
  • A 50 years of Kartemquin art exhibit featuring historical photographs, artwork, and video and film mechanics. The exhibit will be open May 20, 2016 through August 20th.
  • Free online streaming of every Kartemquin film in chronological order week by week at http://watch.kartemquin.com, starting with the very first film, Home for Life (1966), on January 1, 2016.
  • Throughout 2016, monthly WTTW PBS broadcasts of our films.
  • Multiple retrospectives and premiere screenings across the nation, including at the UCLA Film & TV Archive in Los Angeles in fall 2016.
  • A series of Chicago screenings and events.
  • Various workshops, panels, and master classes hosted by our filmmakers and associates.

Read more about our plans and how we announced them, and please contact us to get involved.