#KTQ50: Watch HUM 255 for free all week

In 2016, several organizations in Chicago and around the country will host a series of screenings and events to celebrate Kartemquin’s 50th anniversary. We also invite you to watch all our films for free, week by week, at http://watch.kartemquin.com.

From today until next Friday, January 29, the free KTQ50 film is HUM 255.

In 1969, striking students at the University of Chicago occupied an administration building for 16 days. The protest was sparked by the firing of a feminist sociology professor. The college expelled 42 of the students. A year later, two expelled young women were asked by their former classmates to talk about the experience as a class project. The women confront the students about their convictions and how far they are willing to go to defend their values.

"Hum 255" is the 16mm black-and-white record of a session fueled by wine and Oreos. Topics include the relevance of Black Panthers to whites and the irrelevance of an elite education.”
–Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

This early Kartemquin film was a return to the University of Chicago for filmmakers Gordon Quinn and Jerry Blumenthal, and was developed as part of an experimental film production class they were teaching there titled "Humanities 255 and 256: Documentary Film Workshop."

Free extras included with the free film:
- Trailer: Volume 2 Trailer from the Kartemquin Collective: The Early Years. Check out these 3 classic cinema verite time capsules of student life, art and protest in Anonymous Artists of America, Hum 255, and What the Fuck Are These Red Squares?
- Jerry Blumenthal's written history of Kartemquin.
- The University of Chicago newspaper The Chicago Maroon's article on the expulsions.
- The "Flush-In 1969" article on the expulsions.

HUM 255 will be shown at Chicago Filmmakers on January 23rd at 8pm, as part of their program The Early Films of Kartemquin. Beckie Stocchetti will attend.

See the full #KTQ50 streaming schedule and more information at www.kartemquin.com/ktq50.

Other highlights of our 50th anniversary year will include:

  • A Milestones gala event on June 24, 2016 at the Harris Theater, preceded by a dinner reception at the Chicago Cultural Center. This evening will reunite and celebrate many of our filmmakers, subjects, and partners from across five decades. The Honorary Chair is Chaz Ebert. Contact Mo@kartemquin.com for tickets and sponsorship details.
  • A 50 years of Kartemquin art exhibit featuring historical photographs, artwork, and video and film mechanics. The exhibit will be open May 20, 2016 through August 20th.
  • Free online streaming of every Kartemquin film in chronological order week by week at http://watch.kartemquin.com, starting with the very first film, Home for Life (1966), on January 1, 2016.
  • Throughout 2016, monthly WTTW PBS broadcasts of our films.
  • Multiple retrospectives and premiere screenings across the nation, including at the UCLA Film & TV Archive in Los Angeles in fall 2016.
  • A series of Chicago screenings and events.
  • Various workshops, panels, and master classes hosted by our filmmakers and associates.

Read more about our plans and how we announced them, and please contact us to get involved.