#KTQ50: Now We Live on Clifton for free all week

In 2016, several organizations in Chicago and around the country will host a series of screenings and events to celebrate Kartemquin’s 50th anniversary. We also invite you to watch all our films for free, week by week, at http://watch.kartemquin.com.

From today until next Friday, March 11th, the free KTQ50 film is Now We Live on Clifton (1974).

Now We Live on Clifton follows 10 year old Pam Taylor and her 12 year old brother Scott around their multiracial West Lincoln Park neighborhood. The kids worry that they'll be forced out of the neighborhood they grew up in by the gentrification following the expansion of DePaul University.

This film was created by members of the Kartemquin collective, with credits shared among Jerry Blumenthal, Alphonse Blumenthal, Susan Delson, Sharon Karp, Peter Kuttner, Gordon Quinn, and Richard Schmiechen.

In this week's video extra, Now We Work On Clifton, Pam and Roxy visit the Kartemquin Films studio for an update 40 years after the making of Now We Live On Clifton.

Extras included in this package:
Video: Now We Work On Clifton
A lot has changed in the neighborhood Pam, Scott, and Roxy grew up in. Their childhood home was demolished and a brand new building has since replaced it. The Puerto Rican neighborhood that existed nearby has been replaced, as well.

New Trailer: The Kartemquin Collection Volume 4: The Collective Years (Now on DVD!) Featuring the 1974 Kartemquin classics Now We Live on Clifton; Winnie Wright, Age 11; Viva la Causa; and Trick Bag. Use code KTQvol4 for 25% off your pre-order before March 15th.

!KTQ V4 Trailer FINAL -vimeo 5000kbs from Kartemquin Films on Vimeo.

Still: Collective-era, Kartemquin co-founder, Gordon Quinn.
Still: Collective-era members Gordon Quinn and Betsy Martins in Kartemquin's studio at 1901 W. Wellington Ave. in Chicago.

Meet Pam Taylor in person on March 12:

On Saturday, March 12th at 2PM at the Chicago Cultural center, meet Pam Taylor along with fellow Kartemquin film participant Winnie Wright (star of Winnie Wright, Age 11) and original 1970s Kartemquin collective filmmakers Peter Kuttner, Sharon Karp, and Suzanne Davenport who will be on stage for a discussion following a screening of three short works from the collective years: Now We Live on Clifton (26 min., 1974), Winnie Wright, Age 11 (26 min., 1974), and Viva La Causa (12 min., 1974). Now We Live on Clifton (26 min., 1974), Winnie Wright, Age 11 (26 min., 1974), and Viva La Causa (12 min., 1974).

The event is hosted by WTTW and in partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and Kartemquin Films celebrating 50 years of Kartemquin Films.

The Collective Years on DVD:
Stay tuned for the upcoming DVD release of The Kartemquin Collection Volume 4: The Collective Years featuring Now We Live on Clifton; Now We Live on Clifton; Winnie Wright, Age 11, Viva La Causa; and Trick Bag. All four films are released on DVD for the first time, in digitization of original 16mm prints newly restored through a grant from the National Film Preservation Fund. Get more information and order your copy here.

Highlights of our 50th anniversary year will include:

  • A Milestones gala event on June 24, 2016 at the Harris Theater, preceded by a dinner reception at the Chicago Cultural Center. This evening will reunite and celebrate many of our filmmakers, subjects, and partners from across five decades. The Honorary Chair is Chaz Ebert. Contact Mo@kartemquin.com for tickets and sponsorship details.
  • A 50 years of Kartemquin art exhibit featuring historical photographs, artwork, and video and film mechanics. The exhibit will be open May 20, 2016 through August 20th.
  • Free online streaming of every Kartemquin film in chronological order week by week at http://watch.kartemquin.com, starting with the very first film, Home for Life (1966), on January 1, 2016.
  • Throughout 2016, monthly WTTW PBS broadcasts of our films.
  • Multiple retrospectives and premiere screenings across the nation, including at the UCLA Film & TV Archive in Los Angeles in fall 2016.
  • A series of Chicago screenings and events.
  • Various workshops, panels, and master classes hosted by our filmmakers and associates.

Read more about our plans and how we announced them, and please contact us to get involved.