#KTQ50 Los Angeles retrospective begins this Friday with Raising Bertie LA premiere

Beginning this Friday September 16th and continuing through September 26th, the UCLA Film and Television Archive and the International Documentary Association (IDA) will host a 15-film KTQ retrospective at the Billy Wilder Theater in Los Angeles.

Kartemquin Artistic Director and Founder Gordon Quinn sat down with UCLA for an interview during which Quinn discussed the mission, values, past and future of Kartemquin. Find an excerpt below:

“In recording life as it unfolds you’re providing people with a common experience…There is a specificity, a density to the film image that challenges people to draw their own conclusions at the same time that it may be shifting their beliefs. However film does not, in and of itself, make social change. Film moving people to get organized and take action is what makes change.” - Gordon Quinn

Read the full interview here.

Coming off the heels of our highly successful NYC retrospective at the Museum of the Moving Image, our Los Angeles retrospective will kick off with the LA Premiere of Raising Bertie, preceded by KTQ classic Trick Bag. Raising Bertie director Margaret Byrne—recently awarded Best Director at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival—and producer Ian Kibbe will participate in a Q&A following the screening.

The retrospective will continue with two separate Q&A’s with Kartemquin Artistic Director and founder Gordon Quinn following screenings of KTQ works The Last Pullman Car, Taylor Chain I & II, Golub, and Inquiring Nuns.

The final night of the retrospective will conclude with a screening of The Interrupters, followed by a Q&A with director Steve James.

The following night, September 27th, James will be the keynote speaker at the IDA’s Getting Real 2016 conference and host a screening of his classic documentary Stevie; a film James describes as: “The hardest film I’ve made. Also the most honest.”

September 16, 7:30PM: Raising Bertie & Trick Bag – Margaret Byrne and Ian Kibbe Q&A
September 17, 7:30PM: The Chicago Maternity Center Story / Home for Life / Parents
September 19, 7:30PM: 5 Girls / Now We Live on Clifton / Winnie Wright, Age 11
September 23, 7:30PM: The Last Pullman Car / Taylor Chain I & II – Gordon Quinn Q&A
September 25, 7:00PM: Golub / Inquiring Nuns – Gordon Quinn Q&A
September 26, 7:30PM: The Interrupters – Steve James Q&A
September 27, 7:30PM: Stevie – Presented by Steve James (at ArcLight Hollywood as part of IDA Getting Real 2016)

Purchase tickets for the retrospective here.

Purchase tickets to see Stevie and attend Steve James' IDA Getting Real Keynote Speech here.