Keep Talking funded by Vision Maker Media

Keep Talking by Karen Weinberg
We're delighted to announce that Vision Maker Media has awarded a grant of $100,000 towards post-production on Keep Talking, directed and produced by Karen Weinberg. With funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), Vision Maker Media's Public Media Content Fund awards support to projects with a Native American theme and significant Native American involvement that ultimately benefits the entire Public Media community. Keep Talking is one of just six projects to receive funding this year. This is the first time a Kartemquin project has received a Vision Maker Media grant, and we are honored to begin a working relationship with them on Keep Talking. The grant means that the film will eventually be broadcast on PBS. Keep Talking tells the story of one community working to preserve their endangered language and culture. Kodiak Alutiiq Elders of Alaska's Gulf Coast are among the victims of systematic assimilation and abuse, first by Russian occupation, then by the United States government. Now with less than 50 fluent Native speakers of Kodiak Alutiiq remaining, three young Alutiiq women battle the resulting historical trauma and discover that saving their language is truly a matter of life and death. "This funding is an enormous step towards finishing our film," said Karen Weinberg. "The grant allows us to do our final shoot in July 2016, and we have the added gift that we get to work with an editor moving forward. The edit begins in one week! We have been filming since the first Dig Afognak language immersion camp in 2013 and have amassed a great deal of footage; the film is starting come together. We are thrilled to join the other talented Vision Maker filmmakers amplifying Native voices. Quyanaa (thank you) Vision Maker Media!" Find out more about the project at