Kartemquin's Collection Goes to College

Kartemquin Films is excited to announce the first donation shipment of its archival collections to Washington University Libraries Film & Media Archive (WUFMA). In the words of Tim Horsburgh, “the KTQ archives go to college” just in time for graduation season. 

This past month, Washington University Libraries conducted the shipment of over 1,000 boxes of Kartemquin’s legacy audiovisual and paper materials from storage in Chicago to WUFMA facilities in St. Louis. The move is a milestone for the Kartemquin Archive Project, and marks the beginning of WUFMA’s long-term work to preserve KTQ history and make it broadly accessible to researchers, filmmakers, students, and the wider public. Among the elements transferred are film, optical, and magnetic media, as well as paper materials and ephemera from the past 55 years. These materials roughly span KTQ filmography from Home for Life (1966) through The Interrupters (2011). There are countless other projects to be found in the boxes – work-for-hires, unfinished or unreleased films, Gordon Quinn’s first film, and more. 

Since receiving the enormous shipment, WUFMA staff have already begun to process the collection, including re-housing and assessing the condition of historical film elements. Pictured left is KTQ’s once-full storage shelving, empty after the move. Pictured right is Tyler Bequette, film preservationist at WUFMA, beginning to carefully shelve films in their new cans.