It's There! Kickstarter success for Almost There

Early on Saturday morning - after being selected as Kickstarter project of the day and video of the day and raising over $6,000 in less than 24 hours - Almost There made their $20,000 crowdfunding goal!

These funds mean we can now bring this film to the world! Now with the crowdfunding campaign still running until midnight on Friday, August 8th, the Almost There team has also unveiled some spectacular "stretch goals" that will appeal to anyone who has already become entranced by the beguiling, moving story of outsider artist Peter Anton.

If they filmmakers reach $25,000, they will hire someone to curate a digital archive of Peter’s scrapbooks and autobiography online, "which will allow viewers to compare the artist’s textured and unedited presentation of himself and his story with our more technically savvy, but equally obsessive, approach." Should they get as high as $30,000, then they are "hoping to use gaming technology to create a personalized interactive storytelling experience that allows those who are interested in contextualizing Peter Anton’s work to do so by entering the environment in which it was created. On this site, we can also offer information and resources for those who are more interested in helping Peter - and, in turn, others they know like Peter - find safe passage out of what they will see is an unsustainable and extremely unhealthy situation."

You can support the film here.