In remembrance of Milos Stehlik, our friend at Facets

Kartemquin is saddened by the passing of Milos Stehlik, legendary founder of Facets.

A longtime friend and collaborator with our organization, we worked with Facets and Milos on many film, VHS, and DVD releases and screenings of our films over several decades. In his capacity as a radio host on WBEZ, he also interviewed and promoted the work of several of our filmmakers. Milos was also influential on the cinematic education of many of our staff and associates. We have collected some remembrances in tribute below, and there are many more that can be read across the internet in praise of a man who was a true champion of independent film.

"Milos played a critical role in both exposing the community to independent film and distributing ours and other films from all over the world. He will be missed. One great thing about Milos was that he brought films from all over the world to Chicago, and he brought Chicago's ethnic communities together at Facets to see them. His passion and love for cinema never diminished." - Gordon Quinn, Kartemquin co-founder and Artistic Director.

"Milos was a true friend to Kartemquin. When we were re-releasing the back catalog he ensured that each film would be celebrated through a facets release. Many important historic Kartemquin films wouldn’t be available without that partnership. Additionally, he was always a willing ear and co-conspirator whether the conversation was about non-profit management or shaking up the local film scene. He will be missed." - Justine Nagan, former Kartemquin Executive Director.

"Milos had a truly original idea when he long pre-dated Netflix by sending films out in the mail.  But his purpose was not a commercial one.  He truly wanted people around the country to see the best films from many countries and cultures, especially those made by independents.  As a result, people in communities that did not have an "art house" theater were able to see remarkable films from all over the world." - Elspeth Revere, Kartemquin Board Member.

"About Milos Stehlik, and his too soon death. Know major distributors tried to buy him out, but though struggling financially, he would not sell Facets collection as he knew it would be the death of films not in current cultural or commercial popularity." - Judy Hoffman, Kartemquin Collective Member.

"So sad to see the passing of Milos Stehlik, founder of Facets and such a dedicated thinker and supporter of all things cinema. He was a great friend to local filmmakers and we are so grateful for all he did. His influence will live on." - Steve James, Kartemquin filmmaker associate.

Facets is accepting donations to the Milos Stehlik Legacy Fund, to allow "Facets to continue their groundbreaking work in film education, exhibition, and distribution."

(photo credit: Milos Stehlik/WBEZ)