Huge day for The Homestretch on Capitol Hill

The Homestretch screens to policymakers on Capitol Hill at 2pm this afternoon, followed by a special Washington, D.C. theatrical screening tonight, with a live-streamed panel discussing legislation to assist homeless youth. A film that addresses many issues and audiences, and "demonstrates the complexity of the [homeless youth] issue—a problem that's often hidden from the public eye," The Homestretch also screens today in Chicago as part of the Urban League's Black History Month Festival, in NYC at the 2015 New York Housing Conference, and to students at the University of Iowa. These screenings today are just a few of the film's many screening ahead nationwide and internationally, as the film continues to play festivals, theaters, universities, schools, churches, conferences, and community centers. Get details on all here: You can also find details there on how to set up your own screening. Kirsten Kelly and Anne de Mare's film is also available to watch on iTunes, Amazon, and other digital platforms, and available to buy on DVD for individuals and institutions. We're also inviting you to host a viewing party during the week of the PBS national broadcast on Independent Lens this April 13th-18th and take crucial steps towards educating your community about the needs of local homeless youth. We will provide you with resources to help set up your viewing event and facilitate a discussion, as well as add your event to our online calendar. Please sign up here: Look back on last week's #NCFYtalk on "USING FILM TO END YOUTH HOMELESSNESS" for a succinct snapshot of some of the positive impact the film is already having on homeless youth agencies and in shifting the conversation around the issue.