Hoop Dreams Receives 25th Anniversary UK Re-release

In honor of its 25th Anniversary, Hoop Dreams will be re-released in the UK through distributor Violet Pictures on October 25th, 2019. Additionally, Hoop Dreams will tour cinemas throughout the UK this year, with filmmakers Steve James, Peter Gilbert and Frederick Marx participating in Skype Q&A's after select screenings. 

Find a full schedule here.

First exhibited at the 1994 Sundance Film Festival, where it won the audience award for best documentary, Hoop Dreams is the remarkable true story of two American dreamers; an intimate reflection of contemporary American inner-city culture, following two ordinary young men on the courts of the game they love.

Plucked from the streets and given the opportunity to attend a suburban prep school and play for a legendary high school coach, William Gates and Arthur Agee both soon discover that their dreams of NBA glory become obscured amid the intense pressures of academics, family life, economics, and athletic competitiveness. But most importantly, both boys remain focused on their dream, no matter how hard tragedy strikes or how desperate their situation becomes. It is their faith in the game that unites their family and gives each person hope.

The film's re-release has met an encore of praise, receiving five stars from The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw: "Perhaps James’s biggest achievement is his unshowy emphasis on the poetry of basketball itself: the jump shot, the slam-dunk, ecstatic physical expressions of pure transcendental success."

There are currently 22 screenings planned around the UK, with more dates to be added leading up to the re-release.

Founded in 2012 by Jan Dunn and James Collie, Violet Pictures is a Kent based, documentary film distributor. Violet Pictures has so far released 14 documentaries, including Sundance, SXSW and BIFA award winners.