Hard Earned now broadcasting worldwide on Al Jazeera English

Hard Earned, Kartemquin's landmark six-part series about getting by on low wages in America, is now airing in the rest of the world on Al Jazeera English.

New episodes will premiere on Thursdays at 8pm GMT, starting from June 10. Get more details and a full list of repeat broadcast times. They can also be seen (outside the USA only) on YouTube here.

A provocative and in-depth look at the lives of five working-class American families, Hard Earned follows both at work and at home, as they juggle the rising costs of housing, education, food, medical bills and more – all while working low-wage jobs. As widening economic inequality and the wealth gap continue to increase in the U.S., can these lower-income families get ahead? How are wage stagnation, student loan debt and demographic shifts in the workforce contributing to financial instability for many Americans?