Gordon Quinn on documentary ethics

This weekend the 2014 Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival will honor Kartemquin co-founder and artistic director Gordon Quinn with a career achievement award, while showing multiple Kartemquin films (see below for details).

Ahead of the award ceremony and his Hot Springs masterclass on documentary ethics, Gordon spoke to IndieWIRE's Casey Ciprani about the topic.

"We as documentary filmmakers, I feel, have a responsibility towards ethics," said Quinn. "You owe your audience to tell the truth, to get to the bottom of the story, to be accurate in what you're presenting." Read the full article, which contains more choice words of advice from Gordon Quinn.

Gordon also gave an interview this week to the Your Hollywood Pro podcast, in which he discusses his 5 decades of filmmaking experience.

If you can't make it to Hot Springs, then watch this video of Gordon Quinn's masterclass on documentary ethics from the 2013 Chicago Humanities Festival instead!

Kartemquin at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival:

  • A Good Man - directed by Gordon Quinn & Bob Hercules - Wed, Oct 15, 8:20 PM Arlington Cinema. Get tickets.
  • A Place Called Pluto - directed by Steve James - Tue, Oct 14, 10:10 AM Arlington Cinema - 2, and Wed, Oct 15, 11:45 AM, Arlington Cinema - 2. Get tickets.
  • Hoop Dreams: 20th Anniversary - directed by Steve James - Fri, Oct 17, 3:10 PM Arlington Cinema - 2. Get tickets.
  • Masterclass: Ethics in Documentary Filmmaking with Gordon Quinn - Sat, Oct 18, 4:00 PM Panel Room/Arlington. Get tickets.
  • On Beauty - directed by Joanna Rudnick - Mon, Oct 13, 3:50 PM Arlington Cinema - 2, and Sat, Oct 18, 9:15 AM Arlington Cinema - 1. Get Tickets.
  • The Homestretch - directed by Anne de Mare & Kirsten Kelly - Fri, Oct 17, 10:00 AM Arlington Cinema - 1, and Sat, Oct 18, 11:00 AM, Arlington Cinema - 1. Get tickets.