Full Frame Success for Saving Mes Aynak

Saving Mes Aynak is celebrating a great weekend at the Full Frame Documentary Festival, where it screened to a standing ovation and was followed by an impassioned q&a from the sold out crowd.

Director Brent E. Huffman attended Full Frame with producer Zak Piper and executive producer Julia Reichert.

Brent began the weekend by speaking with Joe Corey of Inside Pulse, who covered the film and declared it, “the most important documentary showing at Full Frame this year.”

In his festival recap for PBS.org, an impassioned Tom Roston wrote: "I couldn’t help thinking of Indiana Jones as the film depicts archaeologists scraping away in the dust and sand. The film is also well paced, and the images are gripping... what’s it going to take for people to care about Mes Aynak? The actual visual of it being obliterated? Before it happens, we can’t muster up the indignation? Stupid."

Here are more reactions from the weekend below. Go to www.savingmesaynak.com to find out more about the film.