Fox News Chicago on 48 years of Kartemquin

Fox News Chicago dropped in on 1901 W Wellington yesterday to talk to us about our record-breaking year of releasing six films, and the 20th anniversary of Hoop Dreams.

Kartemquin's artistic director Gordon Quinn spoke to Jake Hamilton for the profile, touching on our desire to make films that promote empathy, and our attachment to the city of Chicago.

FOX 32 News Chicago

Chicagoans can see two special screenings of the newly restored Hoop Dreams this December 13th and 16th at Gene Siskel Film Center, with special appearances by the filmmakers and star Arthur Agee. There are also screenings scheduled for New York, LA and Boston, and it can be seen on Sundance Now Doc Club.

The six films we've completed in 2014 are Life Itself, The Homestretch, On Beauty, Almost There, The School Project, and Saving Mes Aynak.