First Kartemquin Fall Festival exhibits and celebrates Chicago's diverse documentary community

Kartemquin's very first Fall Festival, in partnership with ArcLight Cinemas Chicago, spanned three days and exhibited 26 films, 62% of which were directed by filmmakers of color and 50% by women. We were thrilled to be joined by so many members of the diverse Chicago documentary community, and to share in the viewing of groundbreaking work and lively post-screening discussions.

The festival included the Chicago Premieres of Unbroken Glass and City of Trees, projects by former and current participants in our Kartemquin internship, KTQ Labs and Diverse Voices in Doc programs, and previews of highly anticipated works-in-progress from directors Steve James, Maria Finitzo and Sergio Rapu.

Shorts Showcase 1: Kartemquin Programs Alumni

  • Featuring Within the Box by Max Asaf, The Amazing Mr. Ash by Brian Gersten, Beyond Blind by Matt Lauterbach, Intuition by Shuling Yong and Embodies by Hillary Bachelder
  • Post-screening discussion moderated by Kartemquin Programs and Engagement Manager, Emily Strong
  • The Chicago Premiere of Unbroken Glass

    • The debut feature by director Dinesh Sabu played to a nearly sold-out crowd, including members of his own family and members of the Kartemquin community, many of whom were involved in the filmmaking process at some point during the seven years the film was in production.
    • The night concluded with a Q&A with Sabu, producer Patrick Lile and editor Matt Lauterbach–all three of whom are former Kartemquin interns. The discussion was moderated by Dan Rybicky.
      • Watch the full Q&A here:

        NIGHT TWO:
        Diverse Voices in Doc 2016 Program Graduation

        • Featuring clips from all 12 Diverse Voices in Doc graduates' projects
            • We were thrilled to have Lyric Cabral, co-director of (T)error, winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, provide the keynote speech of the night. An excerpt from her keynote:
            • Ultimately, it is a strong personal vision that will define your body of art, over time, and will make your work distinguishable from that of other artists. This is the challenge, to create with vision and to remain inspired. As a filmmaker of color, one with a voice that is not readily celebrated in mainstream media, this is of the utmost importance. We must continue to find ways to keep ourselves creatively inspired and excited by the art of nonfiction storytelling, to progress the form and to evolve as human beings.

              Chicago Premiere of City of Trees

              • KTQ Labs graduate City of Trees had its Chicago Premiere on night two of our festival, with director Lance Kramer in attendance.
              • Lance Kramer, KTQ founder and Artist Director Gordon Quinn and KTQ Director of Communications and Distribution Tim Horsburgh participated in a post-screening discussion about the evolution of the film, and the ethics involved in the filmmaking process
                • NIGHT THREE:
                  Shorts Showcase 2: Kartemquin Programs Alum

                  • Featuring: Closed for Good by Rachel Dickson, Brooks People by Shahari Moore, Two Together by Mina Fitzpatrick and Keep Moving Forward by Brent Bandemer and Emily Strong
                  • Post-screening discussion moderated by Beckie Stocchetti, coordinator of Independent and Local Film Initiatives with the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

                  Kartemquin Fall Showcase

                    Showcasing highly anticipated works-in-progress including: America To Me, by director Steve James; Dilemma of Desire by director Maria Finitzo and Eating Up Easter by director Sergio Rapu.

                  • Following the screening, the directors participated in a discussion moderated by Tim Horsburgh during which the audience could provide feedback and pose questions. The discussion covered topics ranging from sustainability on Easter Island, female sexuality and racial and educational inequities.

                  Our 50th anniversary year has included retrospectives across the country, a gala bringing together filmmakers and subjects from the past 50 years and an exhibit showcasing KTQ's history. Find more information on our 50th celebrations at