Episode 7 of Stranded by the State/ Child Care Assistance premieres today

The 7th episode of Stranded by the State, entitled "Child Care Assistance" premieres today. A collaboration between In These Times and Kartemquin Films, the series is directed, edited and produced by Kartemquin associate Liz Kaar and explores the human impact of Illinois' budget crisis.

In episode 7 we travel to child care assistance center Kindercottage in East St. Louis, IL. Across Illinois, the Child Care Assistance Program helps children remain in child care centers while their parents go to work, often at low-wage jobs. Spending a day at an organization such as Kindercottage means children are safe and fed during the day.

When the state budget didn't pass in 2015, Governor Rauner slashed income eligibility for working families, leaving 90% without access to the vital program. After public outcry across the state, the eligibility guidelines were raised, but still lower than their original level. 10,000 children are still not eligible.

Watch Episode 7: