Eddie Bocanegra to receive Ed Marciniak Bright Star Award

Eduardo Bocanegra, who featured in The Interrupters, will receive the Ed Marciniak Bright Star Award from the Bright Promises Foundation on October 30th in Chicago. We are overjoyed for Eddie to receive this deserved recognition of his important social work for children. The Bright Star award is given to an individual who shows great motivation, enthusiasm and promise in exemplifying the Bright Promises Foundation's mission of benefiting disadvantaged children in Illinois. The award is accompanied by a $5,000 honorarium to be used to further the recipient's career. (Nominees have to submit a short application.) Ed Marciniak was a past Bright Promises Director who served in many positions which benefited children and their families. He was a valued Board member from 1955 until his death in 2004. Get more details. Since appearing in The Interrupters, Eddie has pursued a path of ongoing social work in the areas of Youth Safety and Violence Prevention that has seen him leave CeaseFire Illinois, graduate from Northeastern Illinois University and enroll fulltime in the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration for his Masters. Concurrently he has worked with Community Renewal Society Civic Action Network to provide essential services for working people with criminal records, and is currently the co-executive director of the YMCA of Metro Chicago. We are also pleased to report that he has got married and become a father for the first time. Congratulations, Eddie! The Interrupters is currently a nominee for 2 Emmy Awards, which will also be announced in October. The acclaimed film is now available to watch on Netflix Instant and to watch free online via PBS FRONTLINE. We recently launched INTERRUPT VIOLENCE, an interactive, educational web experience which takes viewers deeper into the themes and issues of the film.