Eating Up Easter STREAMING NOW via Music Box StreamLocal's "Virtual Cinema"

In honor of Earth Day, Eating Up Easter begins streaming today in "virtual cinemas" nationwide. Ticket purchases support your local art house theater while giving you the chance to explore native Rapanui filmmaker Sergio Mata’u Rapu's documentary. 

Eating Up Easter was scheduled to premiere at Chicago’s Gene Siskel Film Center on May 1, but will now be available to Siskel patrons as well as additional theatrical exhibitors, which was launched in response to COVID-19’s effect on independent art house cinemas around the country. Music Box StreamLocal is hosted by Music Box Direct, the company's subscription streaming service.

The StreamLocal programming will also include a livestream Q&A with director Sergio Mata’u Rapu, on Thursday at 8PM on Instagram Live. Follow @Kartemquin on Instagram to tune in. 


Visit Music Box StreamLocal to rent the film for $12.00. The rental period lasts 48 hours and 50% of the proceeds will go to your local art house theater! Don't see your local theater? Contact Kyle Westphal: for bookings. 


Eating Up Easter follows a modern indigenous community transforming under the globalizing effects of tourism. Previous films have often sensationalized the “mysteries” of Easter Island’s past, a remote Pacific Island known for its massive stone statues. In contrast, this documentary - the first major release by a native Rapanui filmmaker - provides an intimate look into the passion and creativity his people are harnessing to face the consequences of their rapidly developing island.