Documentary as Community: 2019 Peabodys Re-Cap

This past Saturday members of Kartemquin's staff, board, and filmmaking community attended the 2019 Peabody Awards ceremony in New York City to accept an Institutional Award on behalf of the organization– and to celebrate Minding the Gap's Documentary Award.

We are deeply humbled by this recognition and share the honor with the Kartemquin community worldwide that makes our work possible. Please enjoy some glimpses into the remarkable evening below, as well as the full acceptance speeches by Gordon Quinn, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Kartemquin, and Bing Liu, director, producer, and editor of Minding the Gap.

View the full photo album from the evening here. Photos courtesy of Max Asaf.

Institutional Peabody Award Acceptance Speech:

"We are very proud to get this Peabody Award. I want to read a quote by John Dewey that helped inspire the creation of Kartemquin: “Artists have always been the real purveyors of the news, for it is not the outward happening in itself which is new, but the kindling by it of emotion, perception and appreciation." Kartemquin began in Chicago in 1966 and has proudly remained there ever since. We see this award as a validation of our core values: ethical storytelling from diverse voices; social justice films that have consequences in the world; and advocacy for our own field of media production, on behalf of all who practice documentary making. We believe that documentary storytelling has a critical role to play in our democracy. I think we share this belief with the Peabodys and many other winners today. Especially Big Bird.

But most of all an award like this is shared with our staff, our supporters and partners, and especially the generations of filmmakers who have enriched our community – from the original Kartemquin Collective to those emerging today through our programs – and the many film participants who have trusted us with their stories. Thank you."
– Gordon Quinn | Kartemquin Co-Founder and Artistic Director

Read the official Peabody Award statement for Kartemquin here.

Peabody Award for Documentary Acceptance Speech:

"Thanks to Kartemquin, POV, ITVS, Hulu, Film Independent, and the countless people who made this film and its impact possible. Thanks to my mom and my brother, to Keire, Zack, Nina, and everyone whose vulnerability on and off the screen showed us that change is possible. Let this award be dedicated to anyone anywhere being abused – you will survive and you will live to tell your tale.

And to any boys or men listening to this: please know that as long as we prioritize power and control above vulnerability, we’ll forever shut ourselves out of the ability to give and receive love."
– Bing Liu | Director, producer, and editor of Minding the Gap

Read the official Peabody Award statement for Minding the Gap here.