As Goes Janesville strikes at the root of corporate influence in politics

As Goes Janesville is inspiring a nation-wide movement to create more awareness of the political influence of major businesses. On May 19, Rootstrikers invites citizens to take action via using the BizVizz corporate accountability app in local shopping centers to raise awareness about the money that flows into politics from major brands. More information on participating can be found here. As Goes Janesville covers the story of Janesville, Wisc. and the crisis they faced when the town's largest employer, a historic General Motors plant, shut down, forcing residents, business leaders and politicians to struggle to reinforce the economic stability of their state. The film inspired the creation of the BizVizz corporate accountability app, which allows users to see shareable corporate tax data, jobs data, and other financial information hidden in regulatory documents. It is now also available in an Android version. As Goes Janesville will also be screened at Lipscomb University as part of their HumanDocs Film Series. Director Brad Lichtenstein will be one of the featured panelists available after the screening, where a "BizLab" will bring together representatives from business, labor and government to discuss the issues in the film.