News for August 2012

Four countries in one week for The Interrupters

This week The Interrupters adds to its passport, screening in national premieres in South Africa, Ireland, Mexico and again back home in Chicago. The trip to Mexico is in conjunction with the State Department sponsored American Film Showcase, an international cultural diplomacy initiative that brings people together worldwide through film. Director Steve James will take part in the showcase, as the festivities kick-off in Mexico on Sunday, August 19th 9PM at The Monterrey International Film Festival. The showcase continues through the end of the week as Steve James travels to Nuevo Laredo & Piedras Negras, holding workshops and screening the film for audiences as diverse as recovering ex-gang members, at-risk youth, deported immigrants as well as government officials. Continued

Steve James Talks Crowdfunding on Indiewire

Generation Food director Steve James discussed the crowdfunding progress for his upcoming film on Indiewire this week. In the article, Steve weighs the benefits of involving an audience early on with the risks of over-exposing a doc in progress. Making comparisons to his earlier films with Kartemquin, Steve notes the intensive labor involved in crowdfunding but posits that it's the way of the future for marketing for independent documentary.   Continued

2012 Election again puts focus on As Goes Janesville

As Goes Janesville, so goes Mitt Romney? The Republican presidential nominee's choice of Janesville-native Paul Ryan as his running mate for the 2012 election has seen As Goes Janesville, our upcoming documentary, again thrust into the spotlight ahead of its festival run and PBS airing at 10pm on November 5th - the night before the polls open. 371 Productions filmed Paul Ryan many times during production of As Goes Janesville, but actually cut him from the final version of the film. However, they have just released new - very revealing - out takes featuring Ryan on their blog and vimeo channel. Continued

Serving the public interest since '66

Beyond producing and distributing social issue documentaries, part of Kartemquin's mission is to promote and protect the field of documentary itself. In a new interview with Reel Chicago's Carey Lundin: "Kartemquin at 46 still serving the public interest", our Co-founder and Artistic Director Gordon Quinn explains that “our mission has been to tell the story of an issue by starting at the bottom and burrowing our way to the top," and how this same practice is reflected in our advocacy work around issues such as fair use rights and the PBS Needs Indies campaign. Continued

Join us for the Kartemquin 2012 Gala

Tickets are now on sale for the Kartemquin 2012 Gala on Friday, September 21st in Chicago. Hosted by the Board, Staff and 2012 Gala Host Committee of Kartemquin Films, our annual fundraising gala celebrates film, community, and social change. The intimate gathering will bring together our renowned filmmakers; civic and business leaders; documentary enthusiasts and supporters of independent media. The benefit raises crucial funds that will provide invaluable resources for our documentary production, media advocacy, and ongoing efforts to nurture the next generation of social issue filmmakers. Continued

"Lost" film found in the Kartemquin Archives

A potentially new "lost" documentary - in pristine condition - has been found in the Kartemquin Archives: Public Art in Chicago, directed by Kartemquin Collective member Teena Webb circa 1973-74.   The film shares similar footage to Kartemquin's 1974 documentary Viva La Causa, about muralists in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood, and was initially assumed to be a new print of that film. But in a new post on the KTQ Archives blog, archivist Lyra Hill describes how closer examination revealed the print to be of a "completely different film that nobody remembered."   Continued