News for April 2012

Listen to Steve James & Alex Kotlowitz's "Last Interview" on The Interrupters

After a very, very long run of press on The Interrupters dating back to late 2010, Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz may have recorded their 'final interview' on the film (for now!). Listen to the Film Courage podcast for some great insight into their experiences in making the film and getting it out to the community, and also on their early years as independent creative artists documenting social issues. The Film Courage hosts David Branin & Karen Worden also reveal in the interview that they watched the film three times this week! Continued

PBS Needs Indies Steering Committee formed

The filmmakers' movement to support public television's public purpose and mission has now moved to a new level, with the formation of a steering committee and full participation by the International Documentary Association, the world's leading member organization promoting documentary film. The initial members of the committee are the following veteran and award-winning filmmakers who have long supported and been supported by public television: Beth Bird, Heather Courtney, Marshall Curry, Tim Horsburgh (for KTQ), Byron Hurt, Brad Lichtenstein, Steve Mendelsohn, Paco de Onis, Gordon Quinn, Julia Reichert, Bernardo Ruiz, Carlos Sandoval, Renee Tajima-Pena, Michael Winship, Pamela Yates. Continued

David E. Simpson's blog from US Virgin Islands

If you want to make yourself jealous, read filmmaker David E. Simpson's new blog from the US Virgin Islands, where he recently screened his 2008 Kartermquin documentary Milking the Rhino.   On the island of St. John as part of the On Screen/In person tour of the Mid-Atlantic region, David posts a number of beautiful photos of his time there. But he also describes how the island's social and economic conditions share similarities with the focus of Milking The Rhino: Continued

Over 100 community screenings of The Interrupters in past 3 months

What needs to be done?  That’s a question that has been raised at every screening of The Interrupters for over a year.   But now with homicides in Chicago up 60% compared to this time last year, these concerns and a call to action is still more necessary than ever.  Tio Hardiman, the director of CeaseFire Illiniois and one of the interrupters featured in the film, recently spoke with PBS’s Azmat Khan about Chicago’s recent spike in violence and how “the community needs to step up.”   Continued

Prisoner of Her Past airs on WTTW for Yom HaShoah

In recognition of Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Recognition Day) on Thursday, April 19, WTTW will be airing Kartemquin Film’s Prisoner of Her Past at 9:00 PM. Additionally, in honor of the anniversary of the April 19, 1943 Warsaw ghetto uprising, Prisoner of Her Past will receive its premiere in Krakow, Poland.  The Center for Jewish Culture in Krakow has built its commemoration of the uprising around this screening   Continued