News for November 2011

"Artists have always been the real purveyors of the news"

"Documenting Social Justice", a new In These Times article celebrating 45 years of Kartemquin Films, begins with this paragraph:   "As he approached the podium on the stage of the funkily charming Metro club in Chicago in mid-September, filmmaker Gordon Quinn pulled out a well-thumbed book. “I want to read you what inspired us to start Kartemquin Films,” he said. “‘Artists have always been the real purveyors of the news, for it is not the outward happening in itself which is new, but the kindling by it of emotion, perception and appreciation.’”    Continued

Gordon Quinn interviewed at Virginia Film Festival

Listen to a Virginia Film Festival interview with Kartemquin co-founder and artistic director Gordon Quinn from this past weekend. Virginia Film Festival honored Kartemquin's 45th anniversary with screenings of 8 of our films (plus the special Bill T. Jones performance film 100 Migrations), and Gordon Quinn, executive director Justine Nagan, and senior producer Steve James all attended.   In conversation with Sean McCord, Gordon traces the 45 year history of Kartemquin. Here's some highlights: Continued

The Interrupters airing on UK TV December 4th

Kartemquin can confirm that our fans in the United Kingdom will be able to watch The Interrupters on Dec 4th, 9pm on BBC Storyville on BBC Four. This will be the world television premiere of a 119 minute broadcast version film and will come the day before the film is released on DVD in the UK on Dec 5th by Dogwoof.   We can also announce the Danish television premiere of The Interrupters will be on January 10th on DR TV. Expect many more international television air dates to be announced in the coming weeks, including the US television premiere in 2012 on PBS Frontline.   Continued

A Good Man World Television Premiere on PBS Tonight

  A Good Man has its World Television Premiere tonight on American Masters on PBS, as a part of their PBS Fall Arts Festival. The film is set to air today at 9pm E.T. (check local listings). The DVD of the film will also be released today.   The film’s co-directors, Gordon Quinn of Kartemquin Films and Bob Hercules of Media Process Group, follow Bill T. Jones for 2 years as he creates a new dance-theatre work based on the legacy of Abraham Lincoln for the Ravinia Festival.   Continued

"It might be the most powerful movie I have ever seen."

Omer M. Mozaffar, a critic on Roger Ebert's "Our Far-Flung Correspondents" blog network, has written a brilliant article about The Interrupters, stating "it might be the most powerful movie I have ever seen." We urge you to read "Extinguishing the Ecstasy of Anger."   The Interrupters opens today in a number of new cities across the USA: San Diego, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Eugene, Kirksville. It also screens at the St. Louis International Film Festival on Sunday, with director Steve James attending. And it continues for an astounding 12th week showing daily at the ICE Theaters in Lawndale, Chicago. See details.   Continued

18 IDFA screenings for Kartemquin films

The International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) begins this week, and Kartemquin is honored to have a total of eighteen screenings of seven different films at the prestigious Dutch festival, the world's largest documentary-specific event. A number of these screenings are already sold out Continued

The Chicago Maternity Center Story screens at Doc Films this Sunday

Doc Films' 10-week Kartemquin retrospective continues this Sunday, November 20 at 7pm with The Chicago Maternity Center Story & Women's Voices: The Gender Gap. In celebration of Kartemquin's 45th anniversary, The University of Chicago's Doc Films is bringing the art of documentary storytelling back to the place where our history all began… Attending this event and leading the discussion after the screening will be: Suzanne Davenport and Jerry Blumenthal, filmmakers;Kay Harvey, doula and ICTC member; Continued

Death and Texas

J. R. Jones of the Chicago Reader wrote a compelling comparison of our 2008 film At the Death House Door, directed by Peter Gilbert and Steve James, and Into the Abyss, a new film by Werner Herzog. In "Death and Texas", Jones goes into depth about the similarities and differences in both films examine and condemn the practice of capital punishment, and even share some interview subjects.   Jones states: "Without a doubt, this is one of the more grueling double features you could ever watch, but in concert the two movies might force you to think, rethink, and rethink again your position on the death penalty."   Continued