News for October 2010

Gordon Quinn's ethical wisdom

Kartemquin's co-founder and artistic director Gordon Quinn is quoted in a recent article about ethics in filmmaking on the IDA (International Documentary Assocation) website, In A Question of Ethics: The Relationship between Filmmaker and Subject, Gordon describes how "he makes a point of trying to give the viewer a sense of how the story is being told and what the filmmakers' relationship with the subject is like," using In the Family and Prisoner of Her Past as examples.  Continued

Typeface screenings make an impact

Typeface has been making a big impact on some viewers this week. First, there were these beautiful words from the Invokative blog, posted in relation to our Yorkshire, England screening from earlier this year: "Not only was it moving to see the real life portrayal of the effects, changes, and fight for designing with wooden type; it was refreshing to sit with like-minded people, and enjoy the passion and value the master craftsmen placed on a lifestyle brought about through typography... The film was a precious glimpse into a shrinking world that is so important to not only remember, but also to draw and learn from; to carry on a legacy of excellence in design." Read the rest of one of the nicest reviews yet. Continued

Kartemquin helps and inspires local documentary filmmakers

Three excellent new documentaries showing in Chicago this month have all received a little love and assistance from Kartemquin as graduates from our KTQ Labs: Feedback Screenings initiative. Chicago filmmakers Ben Kolak, Brian Ashby and Courtney Prokopas will present their new film Scrappers at the Gene Siskel Film Center from October 8-14th. The film - about scrap metal collectors - was edited by Kartemquin associate Aaron Wickenden, and received a feedback screening here in 2007. In an interview with Gaper's Block posted yesterday, Ben Kolak revealed how Kartemquin had been an influence on his own filmmaking style. Continued

Justine judges creations for children

Kartemquin's Executive Director Justine Nagan spent the day yesterday immersed in the world of films for children while serving as a juror for Facets' Chicago International Children's Film Festival's "Montgomery Awards."  These awards offer $2500 cash prizes to both the best film made by an adult emerging filmmaker, and to the top young filmmaker included in the festival, to encourage imaginative quality filmmaking for children. Kartemquin was happy to be involved with this unique Chicago festival, which runs from Oct 22nd-31st. Continued

Ed Bachrach joins Board of Kartemquin Films

Ed Bachrach, former CEO and Chairman of the historic retailer Bachrach Clothing, Inc, has been appointed as the newest member to the Kartemquin Board of Directors. Mr. Bachrach attended his first Board Meeting in September and will immediately apply his vast business experience to the role of Treasurer. “Ed Bachrach’s knowledge of implementing a national business strategy will be a great asset to Kartemquin,” said Justine Nagan, Executive Director of Kartemquin Films. “We are delighted to have him serve on our Board of Directors as Treasurer. As we approach our 45th year of documentary filmmaking, his perspective will be invaluable in ensuring financial stability and steady growth as a nonprofit organization, as well as the smooth execution of Kartemquin’s long-term strategic planning in a time of massive transition within the independent film industry.” Continued

Milking the Rhino wins yet again!

Milking the Rhino has won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Kansas International Film Festival. As winner, the film will now receive a week-long theatrical run at the Glenwood Fine Arts Theatre in Overland Park, Kansas. The award schema rates films according to the average vote from audience members - meaning our beloved Milking the Rhino wowed a high percentage of the audience who saw the film and participated in the Q+A with the film's Associate Producer, Xan Aranda. Congratulations to all of the Milking the Rhino team on yet another festival award! Continued

Howard Reich's Euro Trip

Howard Reich will attend two significant European premieres of Prisoner of Her Past this week in Prague and Warsaw. Both screenings will be followed by discussions with Howard Reich and leading scholars from both nations in psychiatry and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) relating to the Holocaust. These prestigious screenings have been organized in conjunction with the United States Embassies of the Czech Republic and Poland, the Prague Jewish Museum, Institute Rafael, European Shoah Legacy Institute, and the Michael Traison Fund for Poland. We thank all of them for helping to make these special screnings possible. Continued

Following A Good Man

Ravinia profiled the creative process behind the editing of Kartemquin's upcoming film A Good Man in their magazine recently. The fascinating article offers great insight into how editor David E. Simpson has constructed a story from over 200 hours of raw footage documenting choreographer Bill T. Jones' creation of a dance-theatre performance at Ravinia on the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. A digital copy of the article "Following A Good Man" is now available at the Ravinia website for print and download (click through to page 22-23). Continued