An outpouring of love for Roger Ebert as he announces "a leave of presence"

UPDATE: We are all devastated to learn of Roger Ebert's death. Please bear with us as we process the shattering loss of our friend. Our statement on his passing can be found here. The page and storify below has been left unedited to reflect our feelings of celebration and kindness in the moments before his death.

To see remembrances following his passing, read our updated Storify: Fans react to Roger Ebert's death.

Read our Storify "Outpouring of love for Roger Ebert" to see hundreds of posts responding to the eloquent recent announcement by Roger Ebert: "A Leave of Presence."

We tracked these today because a notable part of our documentary Life Itself, based on Ebert's memoir of the same name, will involve discussion of his unique command of social media, and his prodigious digital output in recent years despite his declining health. His moving announcement late yesterday of a further health setback - his cancer has returned - and the re-launch of his website under the ownership of a new venture, Ebert Digital, as well as many other planned new ventures, shocked, saddened and also inspired many people. As the posts show, the appreciation for Roger Ebert as writer, and as the liver of a remarkable life, spreads far beyond the world of film (though many of the posts from working film critics do also state how crucial his work was in their choice of career).

We wish Roger the best of health as he fights his cancer, and are clearly far from alone in that.