Almost There's Peter Anton is a Cinema Eye Honors "Unforgettable"

The Cinema Eye Honors has released this year’s edition of their annual list The Unforgettables, and Peter Anton, artist and subject of Kartemquin’s own Almost There, has been included on the list alongside 19 more of the year’s most notable and significant non-fiction film subjects. Audiences can see the story of Peter Anton when Almost There screens at upcoming festivals such as Driftless Film Festival (November 5th), Indie Memphis Film Festival (November 7th), Cork Film Festival (November 8th), and Bisbee Film Festival (November 21st). The film will also screen at Houston Cinema Arts Festival on November 15th as part of their special tribute to Kartemquin Films. The festival’s artistic director Richard Herskowitz recently praised the film in an interview with Arts+Culture Texas, calling it “funny and suprising” as well one of his “favorite art docs of the past few years…” Learn more about the film and its unforgettable subject Peter Anton here. The Cinema Eye Honors also recently announced their 2016 list of “The Influentials”, a list of 25 films that were especially meaningful and resonant to this year’s nominated and eligible filmmakers. Kartemquin’s Stevie (which was a major influence on Almost There) and Hoop Dreams both made the list. View it in full here. The 2016 Cinema Eye Honors awards ceremony will take place on January 13, 2016 at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City, New York.