Almost There ends year on top

For Almost There, 2015 comes to an end with the film hailed by critics as one of the year's best documentaries, after an award-winning worldwide festival run and US theatrical and VOD release. The story of Aaron Wickenden and Dan Rybicky's ethically complex seven-year relationship with reclusive elderly "outsider" artist Peter Anton is now available to watch on Fandor and Vimeo, and will soon be available on more VOD platforms thanks to distributor Factory 25. Almost There was selected on year-end "best of" lists by critics Ray Pride of Movie City News, Matt Fagerholm of Indie Outlook, Tom Roston of the POV's Documentary Blog, Christopher Campbell of, Sam Adams of Indiewire, and Serena Donadoni of the Village Voice. Filmmaker Jeanie Finlay (Orion) and festival programmer Basil Tsiokos - who selected the film at DOC NYC and Nantucket Film Festival - also put it on their lists. Ahead in 2016, the film will screen on January 21st at Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, and be on the Southern Circuit Tour, screening in Greensboro, New Orleans, Tallahasse, and Cutler Bay in February. Earlier this month, Almost There opened in theaters in New York, LA, and Chicago, receiving critical acclaim. We've collected some of the best responses below. Aaron and Dan are grateful to all who joined them at special q&a events in each city, and we give our thanks to all who have seen and supported the film in 2015! “An intriguing, narratively unpredictable work embracing a hornet’s nest of ethical issues.” – Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune “One of the best documentaries of the year.” – Tom Roston, POV’s Documentary Blog “Arresting…queasy-making.” – Glenn Kenny, The New York Times “Nuanced…sensitive…complex.” – John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter “Involving…compelling…richer, more troubling than the average outsider artist doc.” – Benjamin Mercer, The AV Club “Emotionally charged…the documentary hones in on the ideas of community, about caregiving and giving care, about human nature and humanity, about parenting and becoming parents to the people we once called mom and dad. It is about surviving and survival — or to quote lyrics from another old standard, it’s about dusting yourself off and starting all over again. Because, as we learn from the song — and Peter Anton — nothing is impossible.” – Miriam Di Nunzio, Chicago Sun-Times “A richer, more compassionate portrait.” – Serena Donadoni, Village Voice “Almost perfect... One of the most interestingly constructed docs of the year.” – Christopher Campbell, Nonfics “A Midwestern Grey Gardens…Rybicky and Wickenden blend the sublimely weird with the rot of decades. It is art, for better or worse, infused with humanity.” – David D’Arcy, Artinfo “Closely navigates Anton’s world with a buoyant and organic hand…The filmmakers use him as a lens to view humanity.” – Donna K, Filmmaker Magazine “Astonishes with just how much intellectual and emotional depth it’s capable of touching on in its 93 minute running time.” – Rowe Reviews "Almost There displays the vulnerability of both filmmaker and subject in such a way that process and product are woven together. As directors Rybicky and Wickendon unravel Peter Anton’s past, they allow themselves to become vulnerable to the audience as well, thus painting a complex portrait of the relationship between filmmaker and subject, art and life, and the joy of coming up from being down.” – Amy Lee Ketchum, Tiny Mix Tapes “An undeniable provocation to more deeply consider the nature of documentary practice itself.” – Michael Castelle, CINE-FILE More reviews from Almost There's successful 2015 can be found on the film's website, along with the latest updates on screenings of the film, and a poster gallery.