All The Queen's Horses Already Making Headlines

Upcoming Kartemquin production All The Queen's Horses recently appeared on the pages of The Chicago Tribune. In the April 8th edition of the Chicago Confidential column, Melissa Harris covers the history of the infamous financial fraud and filmmaker Kelly Richmond Pope's production process. The documentary portrays the events surrounding the arrest of a Dixon, IL comptroller named Rita Crundwell for the embezzlement of $53 million of city funds. Harris drolly calls the film "the business school version of those anti-DUI educational videos shown in high schools" while highlighting the social utility of Pope's documentary. Additionally, she provides insight into Pope's unique viewpoint as a forensic accountant and associate professor at DePaul University. A portion of All The Queen's Horses will screen with Minding the Gap, The Prosecutors, and Keep Talking at Kartemquin's annual Spring Showcase. All four works-in-progress will screen at Gene Siskel Film Center on Friday, May 1st at 8:15pm. The Spring Showcase offers a chance for documentary fans to catch a glimpse of upcoming Kartemquin films and offer feedback to filmmakers in-person. Keep an eye on our website for further details!