Milking the Rhino's adventures on the west coast

Milking the Rhino Producer/Director David E. Simpson and Associate Producer Xan Aranda have just returned from San Francisco, where they finalized licensing contract negotiations with the Independent Television Service. This contract includes significant levels of funding which will aid the Rhino crew in finishing its goals for this feature-length film.

Milking the Rhino's exploration of the triumphs and pitfalls of community-based conservation continues, with plans for a third and final trip to Africa this summer. The director and crew venture back to Namibia and Kenya to follow up with Maasai and Himba communities, torrential rain in East Africa now in place of devastating drought, and the continually unpredictable landscape of conservation, rural development, and poverty reduction.

A "bridge between producers and public television", the Independent Television Service (ITVS) - subsidized by the Corporation For Public Broadcasting - provides film funding, feedback during production and a comprehensive public television launch including marketing, publicity, station relations and outreach support.