More good news for Typeface...

Spring has been good so far for Typeface. The films has had a run of fantastic screenings and events; director Justine Nagan has been traveling all over the country meeting some really amazing, passionate type and letterpress fans (many of whom submitted great Typeface art for the DVD extras); and pre-orders for the limited edition Typeface DVD are flying off the imaginary shelf. 

Now, this week we received three great articles about Typeface, Kartemquin and Justine Nagan. Here are a few excerpts.

"While Gary Hustwit’s Helvetica turned a font into a fascination, Justine Nagan’s documentary Typeface takes the topic of type one step further by going into the past."  -Adam Hartzell,, a co-published website by San Francisco Film Society and indieWIRE in anticipation of the San Francisco screening May 15th and 16th.

"Documentary filmmaker Justine Nagan, AM’04, has been a dedicated, socially conscious film producer for years, but it was a simple craving for ice cream that led to her directorial debut film, Typeface."  - Emily Riemer, Tableau, the magazine of the Division of Humanities at the University Chicago.

"Beautifully shot and complimented by the wonderful clunky-whirly sounds of the presses in action… Endearing, sometimes heartbreaking." -Jodie, Ace Jet 170, a review from the Typeface Belfast screening.