Inspiring letters from Kartemquin fans

The mailman was particularly kind to us today.  We just got a stack of letters here at Kartemquin and we're so touched by them we have to share.

The first came from Albert H., a retired printer from Connecticut, who submitted a design for our Typeface DVD Call for Art.  In his letter Mr. H wrote:

Dear Kartemquin Films,

Having been unaware of this treasure (The Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum), I am now trying to make up for lost opportunities by submitting this art to support the museum in a manner that reflects my deep regard for the wood type craftsman.

I am 73 years young and have been in the printing business for 58 years. I started printing business cards in high school on a 5x8 Golden Press.  Aftera  hitch in the US Navy Submarine Service, I entered into the printing industry as a pressman and progressed to Director of Printing in the third largest in-plant print shop in Connecticut. 

Those times and pressures are long gone and now I enjoy the smell of ink and the run of the press for my own pleasure.  Like the people highlighted in the movie, I am probably a dinosaur but printing is in my blood and I am happy to support the cause.


The next stack of letters came from 8students of Adler Creek Middle School in Milwaukie, Oregon, who recently watched our series The New Americans in class. They sent letters both to us and the subjects in the series.  A larger piece in the upcoming newsletter will discuss these letter at greater length, but here are a couple short excerpts we thought we'd share. 


Dear Mr. Nwidor...

I used to believe that all immigrants were dangerous and illegal.  I guess my opinion has always been controlled by those around me. You however have made me realize that most come here for self preservation and a new chance at life, thank you.


Dear Mr. Rodriguez...

I know that you play baseball.  Is it true that in the Dominican Republic they count the strikes first and the balls second?...My parents like baseball alot. So we will keep an eye open for you.


Dear Ms. Naima Saadah Abudayyeh...

I noticed the bed that your mother sleeps on, and I wonder if it is sufficient for an elderly woman.  She has worked her whole life, and deserves a decent bed.  but I do not know someone who could supply her with it.  I know that people in the U.S. sometimes take for granted what they have, things like a warm soft bed, and a home. Your story has helped me realize how much myself and others really have, and also helped me appreciate it. 


We're so privileged to have been a part of these stories, and so happy to be able to share them with you.